How to stop being pushy and salesy in your strategy calls.

Today I got a QUESTION from a client. How do I ensure clients sign up while they are on a strategy call without me feeling salesy or pushy?

That’s what I’m going to answer today. This is the same strategy that top sales people, successful coaches or anybody  converts strangers into clients. This process has allowed me to enroll 73% of the prospect that I talk to into working with me.

Have you ever been on a strategy call and well it didn’t end so well and you felt like you needed to go and take shower. Everything was going ok you got them to talk about their big dreams, and then they asked you about the price before you were ready. 

Here’s the thing they were probably just shopping for the best price and not really your ideal client.  There’s a couple of things going on here one is that you were not in control of your enrollment process, and you really didn’t get them to see the value of your offer first before you talk about price. So you end up being pushy and that doesn’t feel good to you or your prospect.

Don’t beat yourself up it HAS happenED to all of us at sometime.  

What Im about to share with you is the process that I and thousands of other online coaches have used to create millions. 


It’s not a slick technique to overcome objections or pushy practices to close more sales.

The truth is they don’t work and if you do this properly you will never have to convince or hard sell again.

Instead install this simple process in your coaching business and you will see a huge increase in clients signing up for your coaching programs and services.

I want to be abundantly clear. This process is not about you. This will only work if your enrollment process (aka sales process) services and programs are about your prospect and what’s right for them.

I want to also let you in on a little secret if you want to have a thriving coaching business you will have to enroll people(aka sell) but it can be done with high integrity and without feeling salesy or pushy. It’s about matching your program or services with your client’s wants and needs.

First things first.. you must believe in you. You must know that you deserve it deep down inside of you. Mindset accounts for over 80% of you success. So hustle and hard work will only take you so far.

Second you must and actually be able to over deliver on your promise or offer.

Third you must take control of the session at the very beginning and explain exactly how the call will go. Lay it out in a step by step manner.

Fourth you must pre-qualify your prospects. That means you don’t take on clients that are not a good fit. When you are starting out you do need to speak to everyone who shows up, however there will be a time that you will need to stop wasting time with what I call PITA’S Pain In The Ass’s. They will drag you down. Not really invested, think you are charging too much, want to pick your brain…well you know what I mean.

Having a pre-qualifier will stream line your enrollment process

Soon you will be able to filter them out quickly and not waste your time.

If you don’t have an effective plan for how these calls are conducted you can waste literally hours and hours of your week with unqualified tire-kickers. If you don’t have enough leads flowing into your sales funnel, and you’re always dealing with too many objections, excuses, and stalls — then you’re business is stalled, and you’re going to be broke, frustrated, and burnt out. 

IN MY coaching business we call strategy session The Easy Enrollment Call ™ and it is the fourth step in "The Ideal Client Funnel ™  First is an IRRESISTIBLE LEAD MAGNET that solves a problem that your client knows she has.

Then you build authority on the thank-you page with a short video that positions you as the expert to solve that problem, which then reveals an even bigger problem that your prospect has. It also ensures you only attract your perfect prospect.  The Funnel Filter pre-qualifies buyers, before the Easy Enrollment Call ™  takes people from prospect to client in a single call.

With The Ideal Client Funnel™ in place, you’ll only be talking with A-players, you’ll sign more deals with less resistance, and that means more clients, more money, more meaning, and more freedom.

Coaches who implement The Easy Enrollment Call™  qualify buyers better and build trust faster. They sign 71–84% of prospects into high-value programs without any need to pressure people or be weird.

Here’s the 7 steps to Enroll more without ever having to be sales or pushy again.

  1. Make a connection 
  2. Pre-frame the call
  3. Draw out their big dream
  4. Define the problem
  5. Test their readiness
  6. Give your prescription
  7. Invite to the next step

As simple and powerful as this strategy seems, the most important thing you need to understand is that this is only a small part of an effective marketing strategy... there is a lot that has to go right before getting to the strategy session. 

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 All the best

Jan "At your service" Messersmith

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My superpower is helping you to adopt the right mindset to design, launch and ENROLL ideal clients into your high impact coaching programs. 

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