Join the Little List LaunchTM 

Pilot Program 

I’m looking for 3-6 clients for a pilot program starting next month, and I’m looking for a few specific people.

 So if you...

  • Are working with clients, and getting them results
  • Are making between $1K-3K a month.
  • Have time to work with 3-5 new clients, starting next month. 
  • Are friendly and coachable.
  • Are willing to share your results as a Case Study
  • And you can keep a secret.

Then here's what I'm doing with The Little List Launch Pilot ProgramTM

 I like to create things in a one to one and one to few live environment first before ultimately making this a digital product for a much larger group coaching program. It's better to use real situations than hypothetical ones.

 So, I'd like to work with you over the next couple of months as I'm creating the modules for the program right now.

Here's some of what we're going to work on: 

1. We’ll start with building your business foundations first that allow you to scale as your business grows. That means working with you to master your inner game, clarify your ideal client, upgrade your offer. So you can more make and a bigger impact with your clients.  And we’ll work on your program price point so you get the clients and money you’re after. 

 2. Next, we'll take my Little List Launch Planner and layout the launch of your program. Transforming your message from unclear to concrete and concise making it highly attractive to your ideal clients. One of the keys to moving from 1:1 coaching to 1:many is unpacking the knowledge and experience you’ve got from your coaching, and turning it into online courses and programs so you’ll be able to scale up your income, without adding any more hours to your day. We'll create an irresistible lead magnet that solves an urgent problem that your client needs solved today and positions you as an expert.

3. Finally we will work on the journey, on which you will take your clients, so you can enroll more high value clients, nurture prospects that aren't ready yet and filter out the ones who are not qualified to work with you. We’ll also establish a simple system for you to produce weekly blogs, emails, podcasts or videos. 

One of the most overlooked opportunities for health coaches is in the “Enroll” phase... just learning how to run an Easy Enrollment Call (Strategy Session) can increase your enrollment rate by 25%-50% We'll work on your skills in this area too. 

Any one of these things can move the needle immediately for your business, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you we'll be able to spend more time on that one with you. 

This next month I'll be choosing 3-6 people to work with me 1:1 over 9 weeks...and I only want to work with a handful of people who can implement, test and report back on the results. 

I'll use YOUR business as a Case Study to apply these strategies. 

I'm ready to get started right away...and I'm inviting YOU to join the Pilot Program. If you know that this is for you or you have questions click below to sign up for a Business Accelerator Call so we can have a chat.



I’m  Jan Messersmith

  • I help coaches and consultants launch and fill their programs!
  • My superpower is helping you to adopt the right mindset to design, launch and ENROLL ideal clients into your high impact coaching programs. 
  • I work with you to build the business foundations that allow you to scale your business this done through a unique combination of inner game mastery, business performance coaching and accountability.
  • Now I want to help you create a thriving coaching business from the inside out.